Current Projects


Current Project Overview

Imperial Poinciana-4B
 6600 acre Master Planned Development in Alliance coridoor. 5 star 2450 room hotel, 2M sq.ft Exhibition halls, 1 M Conference Center, 3 Championship Golf, Tennis, 60 acre Underground Gun Range, European flavor suburb of Fort Worth…Designed to be the “destination” attraction Mayor Ken Barr envisioned.
Earth Gold-Bio Jet Fuel project-220M  [See Video]
DARPA promoted, and collaboration to de velop a bio JP-8 variant for the military. Process protected by patent, and process proven by flight testing by US Air Force in Sept 2006. Urban model will be self-sustaining, and able to be built on any miltary base, large corporate campus, or municipal facilty/airport. All of the feedstock challenges addressed and overcome.
September 2009.  we have successfully made the first official batch of JP4 Bio Jet fuel for review by DARPA and patent process. It is an excellent performer and we are looking forward to the process going quickly and resulting in a MIL number and contract with GSA, FAA, NASA, and the airlines.
Ritz Carlton/Mandaly-Lake Mead-185M -  Completed
 Lake Mead; Ritz Carlton Hotel with Montelago Casino and Parking Structure; Current appraisal in March of 2008 $350M
asking price $185M in Bankruptcy court. HUGE POTENTIAL.  ADR: $226, NOI: $52M
. Golf Course with Water Right 18 holes.***NEVADA LAW AS OF 2005 no more golf courses can be built ever due to shortage of water. $30M in water rights current appraisal $45M, asking price $20M or 44 LTV (9) acres approved for Hotel/Gaming, along with additional acres for master SFR development, and some miscellaneous entertainment.
Fractional Airline/Air Limo-70M (under development)
To develop “private flying club” using current(3) B727-200 aircraft. Conversion to Super 27-VIP configuration. Fly anywhere within range capabilities. 5 high net worth owners per aircraft ensures fair usage. Angel investor recieves 1/5 share of one aircraft, 5% of the Holding Company, and 2008/2009 Tax stimulus benefits. Financing available through top 25 American bank, and does not adversely affect tax benefits which can approach 10M in 2009. We have also located several medium executive aircraft, two helicopters, and ground transportation to fulfill our model of seamless executive travel.
We are revising our plans and have spoken to the Leading Edge Group, a premier devoloper of Executive aircraft, about the two "sister" ships next for conversion to executive transports.  We will update you with the news.
Trans-Texas Transportation 2003-2030 [See Video] DEFERRED

 Earth Gold Consulting Prospects-2010-2012 1B

We have been engaged by two groups to teach our knowledge and demonstrate our methodologies to the Liberian  and Democratic Republic of Congo governments.  Updates are forthcoming.

We have also made steps to a wonderful new alliance with the University of North Texas to develop end-use products and process improvement methods for the making and production systems.

 Grand Prairie Development Project- PENDING NEGOTIATIONS 375M

City Pointe Development-North Richland Hills, Texas new multi-use planned development paired with the new city hall construction. We will bring a 200 room full service hotel, medium sized convention center with all the bells and whistles. Also there will be premium retail, dining, and classic entertainment to occupy the whole day. Included will be a 400 unit, multi-family development, and we are negotiating with several grocery and gym facilities to fill out the project. Total cost will be in excess of 300M and return to community a signature product that will put North Richland Hills on the map. Relieve some tax burden off the citizens, and offer an escape as well.