Internal Projects

Earth Gold L.L.C.- Development of patented process and formulas for the first bio jet fuel from renewable feedstock. It is made in such a manner that it can be efficiently, cost effectively, and compactly grown in a much smaller footprint than old petroleum refineries. It produces numbers that stagger the old school methods and create a green energy alternative in the 21st century business model. Bryan Quinn, brought aboard as CEO, and Nelson Gideon as his direct report. More data to follow.

American Centurion- a Gun range that has no peer. There are many who have tried, but often loose focus and the model fails. Our experience base comes from over 100 combined years of experience, So trends that have come and gone and come again, we recognize.  We know what to do, how much it costs, and how to make a luxury facility that works. We will be able to combine law enforcement friendly training and cost effective advanced training along with public shooting and club friendly activities. We will emphasize an environment that is professional and tactile training friendly to those new to the shooting sport, but as challenging as need be for the experienced.  There will be a large retail area for new purchases, ordered items, and specialty items for CHL. We will be a one stop shop for everyone from novice to professional. As of July 2013, we are exploring sites on the NE side of Tarrant County, to be interim facilities until the range at Alliance is built.

Gingerbread House- A new venture for the kiddos. A means of doing day care with absolute security, top flight schooling and education programs, and most of all, an engaging "fun" factor that makes the child and the parent want to return each day.  Remember when you first "got it"?  We endeavor to get each child to that point quickly so they will enjoy the learning process, find a connection to it, and push the teacher to open their minds for more and more.

Big Tiny's- A 50's style drive in with style, gluten free breads, Kobi-beef burgers, fresh garden grown CAN have your burger and eat it too! Included in our offering will be a old style drive-in theatre with Bose stereo speakers, an auto showcase inside that will make everyone drool, quality craftsmen businesses for the enthusiast, and hot rod storage facility that is air conditioned. Sites under review at this time

PGI Golf Facility- Currently under development review, we are looking for the proper marketing plan and property to build this first state of the art and old world training facility. We will employ Top Golf media with one of the top golf instructors in the country, John Rhodes. combined with the 6 holes of golf, and old world driving range with trees, hazards, and obstacles, each golfer will be able to practice as challenging as they can desire, or get a clear idea of their ball flight.  

Burger Joint- still un-named, we want to build a facility that will provide a superior dining experience for an affordable drive thru price. We have not determined location as of this date, but we are looking in the north Keller area.

Other Opportunities- there are so many other things we are exploring, we often say there is more than we can say grace over. Please pray with us as we learn what we can do, and plan our course carefully.  thank you, stay tuned.