Customer Projects


The Adam A500 is the first new cabin-class twin to be certified in years. The pressurized all-composite airframe can seat as many as six. The first customer delivery occurred in November 2005, and Adam intends to deliver as many as six aircraft per month. [ Read More ]  SEE A500 OWNERS ASSOCIATION FOR DETAILS




Seawind 300C ON SCHEDULE


After what seemed to be endless instrumentation installation,engine tests, brake tests and taxi tests, we installed the spin chute and were ready for the final ground test. The following release was sent to the pilot magazine community:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Seawind, Inc. announced that it has reached a significant milestone and has rolled out its revolutionary new Seawind 300C amphibian for certification flight testing.Flight testing has begun at the company’s production facility in St. Jean, Quebec, Canada. The company expects certification to be completed this fall. [Read More ]

Medium Light Jet Development Project-2011 

MEDIUM LIGHT JET DESIGNATION- Escape Management is excited to announce the development of a new aircraft design to fit between the VLJ and Light Corporate Jet segments.  Only in the concept phase, we are raising money to develop a prototype, and do our market research to understand the offering. As of July 2013, we are slowly developing the new wing and fuselage assemblies on CADD to be added to the revised plan and scheduled for testing in late 2015. Stay tuned....EMG