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J. Michael Jones C.E.O. for overview, vision, strategic planning, funding and project development opportunities.

Robert D. Maxey President/Chief Operations Officer, for engineering directives, maintenance facility planning, equipment,Is the pipeline specialist, and D2/JP and Octane partner with Mike Jones. Through MetroCom Properties, we  help with  projects from residential to commercial.

W. Edward Smith Chief Marketing Officer, (for marketing and directional development of Escape Management, also visionkeeper for the ministry side. With his being an Ordained Chaplain, and Victim Relief Professional, He offers us a unique ability to offer more to many.

Scott Yoshizumi, Chief Financial Officer, we are pleased to welcome Scott aboard and look forward to the values he adds to the team.

 * REGARDING OIL/GAS OPPORTUNITIES...Please feel free to contact either Robert Maxey or Mike Jones directly.