Recent News

Development-Bio Diesel Refinery Purchase - the purchase of the existing refinery is progressing well, and expansion plans are in place for bio- jetfuel production. We anticipate first start-up in mid year 2012, and possibly late 2012 for bio-jetfuel if we are agressive and successful. As of May 2013, we are negotiating for offtake agreements for production of both refinery acquistions.

The Storage Facility- we sent contracts to Seller and arranged for Tank facility operating partner. We have plans to tie into all three major pipelines that run under the property. We anticipate closing and possession early 2012, and inprovements completed and operational mid to late 2012. As of June 2013, we are also now planning for a second storage facility, pipeline access, and rail siding.

Magellan Pipeline-  Escape has become a supplier on this pipeline as of April 2011.

 Colonial Pipeline- Escape has been listed as a Supplier/Cosignee on their system.  This gives EMG the ability to ship, transfer, and locate fuel for clients,customers, and for internal needs. We now have a financial partner in Duetsche Bank for our fuel buying needs. We are also in negotiations with Capital One Bank for an RDLC, as well.

 Oil/Gas- Escape has met with the IRS regarding review for a 637S Registration, and has submitted application for a Texas Motor Fuels License. We have successfully acquired our 637S Registration as of Septmeber 1, 2010.  We are also submitted for the 637CB, ASTM tests forthcoming, and pending results will determine our eligibility. Currently we enjoy the benefit of being direct to a JV partner with Exxon Mobil, Atlantic Richfield, one of the largest private ULSD Providers and several US and Foreign source refineries.  We have recently acquired access to over 1B in MT799, and 200M in MT760 capability for fuel purchases. This, in conjunction with our core competencies and business accumen makes us uniquely able to fulfill all our collective goals. Also,we have a source with 150 Million and 300 Million in Letter of Credit access to be used to gas/oil well productiion.

Medium Light Jet- Escape Management in conjunction with  industry experts are developing a concept project for a private jet offering for the private owner who wants light jet perfomance, speed, and short field ops, medium jet range and payload, and very light jet price and flexibility.  Currently there are no offerings on the board or planning stages on anyone's radar. 

Currently in concept phase we are working on renderings, capacity, range, speed and payload definitions.  We are still working on design and range parameters for this new offering and are looking to begin a working model by the end of 2010.

Earth Gold- as of Septmeber 1, 2009, we are moving forward with our plans to build and patent the formulas for the bio jet fuel varients.  We are currently making a batch for DARPA.  Upon approval, we will also send the fuel out for ASTM certification tests.  We are also looking at retired naval bases and vacant land for the first refinery.  Indeed an extremely exciting time.  We have been talks with several funding sources and new and exciting opportunies have presented themselves that favorably suit our model.  We are encouraged and will look forward to updates with good news. We have developed new models for smaller sites and been able to predict favorable results. We hope that by August 2010 we will be able to secure permits and rights to build the first.Meanwhile we have also secured information to acquire three US Bio Diesel refineries. Two have contracts with local airport and rapid transit authorities.

We are currently seeking a Academic partner to build on our past development projects and develop plans to move forward into a relationship to improve our process and develop end-use products from the by-products.  We are excited what this may in us being able to discover.

We also met with the Chickasaw and Delaware Indian representatives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with the help of some dear friends and associates. We are in discussion of how we can help them develop new methods of creating jobs, resources, and technologies for their people. They have Super 8A status and present very interesting prospects for mutual benefit.  We have now also met with the representatives of the Pueblo Nation and look forward to a rich relationship.

Dreamweaver- Escape Management Group, Inc and its partners, subordinate corporations and alliances are proud to announce the genesis of something bigger than the sum of our parts.  Dreamweaver, named by Jim Wolfe and fulfillment of a dream from co-founders Mike Jones and Jim Wolfe is meant to develop our mentorship muscles in the fields of science, technology, and practical application.  We do not have any tangible projects to date, but have several on the board to review beginning first quarter 2010.  Stay tuned for more updates.