About Us


 Escape was founded by Mike Jones and Jim Wolfe in 2000 as a result of a conversation over a BBQ brisket in Mike's home in the Fort Worth area.  Mike and Jim were working for American Airlines at the time.  As a Y2K initiative and a means to a graceful exit, they planned a business to build small, Mom and Pop businesses.  It was after some discussion that they learned that there were several projects that needed to be built for the company.  What started out as a way to build one 100 room hotel, one golf course, and one 100K square foot gun facility has morphed into the Imperial Poinciana Project.  As it is with EMG, family is most important., and the business reflects that.

 Robert D Maxey-President/Chief Operating Officer, Escape Management Group, Inc

                           -Owner/President, MetroCom Properties

Robert is a husband, father, elder in his church, and the oil/gas partner with Mike Jones. Robert has been a Manager at IBM, one the largest and most effective commercial real estate developer in the State of Texas. He has extensive knowledge of commercial and residential construction. Robert's expertise and business accumen is for thorough, methodical, informed decision making. He is most valuable in our organization as the person who best defines what is going on, what is the exposure, and what is the benefit of doing any deal. Robert is a stakeholder in Escape Management Group, Inc, and as such, a partner dedicated to the success and future developments going forward.

James E. Wolfe- RETIRED/Co-Founder, Escape Management Group, Inc

                         - Chief Executive Officer, American Centurion, L.L.C.

Jim is a father, grandfather, and co-founder of Escape Management Group as well. Mike and Jim met over a BBQ, worked together at American Airlines, and developed the plan to depart together as a Y2K initiative founding the company in 1999. While we all at Escape are multi-talented, Jim is by far the jack of all trades. He is a sous chef, licensed commercial and residental contractor, machinist, fire arms instructor, and armorer. Others may come up with the idea to do something, Jim is the one who ensures it gets done. Jim is also quite the inventor, some of his ideas will be forthcoming soon.

 William E. Smith- Chief Marketing Officer

Edward is a husband, father, ordainded Chaplain, VRM President in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Edward is also the person who will replace Mike as CEO when the change in corporate structure occurs. Edward is a visionary, seeing well into the future on many levels. He has his hands in historical, spiritual, and humanitarian arenas today, and has developed many deep, wonderful relationships that will be a benefit to the company and the company to them going forward. Like Mike and Jim, Edward cut his teeth in the airline industry. First at Braniff, then at American. He later specialized in travel, excursions, and junkets in and out of the airline arena. As a Preacher's kid, Edward's early life was in Hawaii as a missionary and he has never been far from that accumen as an adult. As his work in the Victim Relief Ministry has shown him many areas Escape can be a blessing, his insight and drive to help others will be a perfect marriage to lead Escape into the future in conjunction with World Impact Ministries, which he named, and developed the business model.

More to follow..please stay in touch.